About Us

Ei Oh Kan is a dojo in Birmingham, England and the Chief Instructor is Tony Cassells Sensei (7th Dan).
Ei Oh Kan is a member of the British Aikikai under the Technical Directorship of TK Chiba Shihan.


Our Instructors

Tony Cassells

Chief Instructor
7th Dan, Shihan
Member of the British Aikikai Technical Committee

Tony Cassells started training in 1972 at the BAI under the instruction of Mr Ralph Reynolds. He was awarded shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1976 and began to teach as an assistant instructor at the East Birmingham Hospital. In 1976 he became a member of the West Midlands Aikikai who were affiliated to the British Aikido Federation (BAF) under chief instructor Kanetsuka Sensei. For four years he trained at Cradley dojo with Mr William Smith and Mr Gordon Jones.

On the formation of the United Kingdom Aikikai (UKA), following the instruction of T K Chiba, Shihan, Tony Cassells became a senior instructor and in 1987 became Fukushidoin and a member of the UKA Technical Committee. In 1988 he was appointed Shidoin and became a member of the Teaching Committee.

In 1995 on leaving the UKA Tony Cassells became a member of the United States Aikido Federation (Western Region) (USAFWR) under the direct instruction of T K Chiba, Shihan. He was invited to become a member of the Overseas Advisory Committee.

Awarded 5th Dan in 1995, and 6th Dan in 2001, Tony Cassells was one of the founding members of the British Aikikai (BA) and is a member of the Technical Committee. He was promoted to Shihan in 2006.

Sensei Tony Cassells was promoted to 7th Dan from Hombu Dojo in January 2018

Tony Cassells has practised Iai Batto Ho since 1982.